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Ingenico and Meypar launch the 1st unattended payment stations at Mexico City International Airport 07 июль 2011

Ingenico and Meypar launch the 1st unattended payment stations at Mexico City International Airport

Neuilly sur Seine – July 7, 2011. Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 ‐ ING), leading worldwide provider of secure payment solutions, announces that Ingenico Mexico, in partnership with Meypar, introduced a new solution that will expand and enhance payment collection in parking lots throughout the country.

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Ingenico and Meypar launch the first unattended payment stations  at Mexico City International Airport’s parking Meypar, a leading manufacturer and service provider for various parking equipments and meters, together with Ingenico, developed a project for Mexico City’s International Airport (International Airport Benito Juarez - AICM) which will allow customers to use their bank cards to pay for parking using Meypar’s unattended payment stations.

This solution combines a highly secure unattended payment module (CAD30) provided by Ingenico, which processes payments with magnetic strip and EMV cards while preventing data theft and cloning, with a Meypar payment station. This pioneer solution was developed in Mexico, in accordance to local regulatory requirements, and provides total protection and peace of mind to end users.

As part of this ground-breaking project both companies focused on security, quality, service and speed and worked in synergy to optimize the payment platform at AICM’s parking lots. It will provide better service to customers by allowing users to make payments via debit and credit cards without the need of a teller at payment stations.

CAD30 series, unattended payment terminal
CAD30: the unattended payment module and its PIN pad
This process started from a very secure hardware platform, surrounded by the protection of dedicated software, for a highly secure and fast way to process transactions together with a payment acquirer.

The solution is running successfully in 9 payment stations at AICM’s Terminal 1 and soon more stations are expected to be installed.
For Meypar, working with Ingenico has been a great success:
quoteQuality, timely delivery, excellent cost/benefit, its incomparable guarantee, tracking, service, support, care and above all Ingenico’s proven technology were the essential link for this leap toward efficiency”, said Mr. José Jaime Fenollosa, General Manager of Meypar Mexico.

quoteThe CAD30 module, in addition to complying with the certification and operational requirements, aesthetically, was a perfect match to our equipment.

Now we can offer our customers a much desired way to receive and process payments with transparency, agility and financial control.”
For Ingenico, the horizon always points toward the end customer, the card holder, who should receive a valuable service:
quoteAs we develop new solutions and work in partnership with successful and innovative companies, such as Meypar, customers will be able to make payments more securely, easily, faster and smoothly", added Gilberto Mendoza, Managing Director, Ingenico Mexico.

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