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2010: Ingenico celebrates its 30th Birthday!

Ingenico was created in 1980, following the personal project of two individuals, Jean-Jacques Poutrel and Michel Malhouitre: invent electronic payment terminals that would ease the daily life of both the end users and the retailers, whilst the credit card payment system was just emerging on the market.

30 years old, just a beginning

Ingenico celebrates its 30th birthday! To celebrate this event, we invited all Ingenico staff to create a “special 30 years” Ingenico logo. Caio Ceppo based in Brazil as Product Specialist is the winner of this competition. The Jury selected his proposal among 150 other projects.
Addressing the outstanding development of electronic banking services in the beginning of the 80’s, Ingenico became the leader of this activity by investing in latest technologies and by having its products adopted firstly by the French financial sector, then very rapidly by the International Community.

Development & internationalization

At first, Ingenico was a small French start up with only a hands full of employees. In 1984, an office was opened in Australia, in order to cover the South East Asia region, and in 1985 Ingenico went public through an IPO. During the 90’s, as the managers wanted to expand the worldwide footprint of Ingenico, they invested, acquiring other companies leaders in their field of activities as well as creating new branches and subsidiaries all over the world; enabling Ingenico to become a major player of electronic payment.

Since then, after 30 years of existence, Ingenico naturally became world leader in a high tech sector where innovation and security remain the 2 key factors of success, with circa 39% market share.

What about tomorrow?

During the last decade, Ingenico has been committed to the development of the services activity : secured management of payment transactions, of connectivity and of the terminal fleet, software development, maintenance and after sales services, applications allowing the terminal to go beyond its original payment function in order to become a point of service, choice and contact.

Today Ingenico is serving banks and companies “beyond payment”, providing them with the complete credit card solution management. The transaction value is extracted during each step of its life circle, thus allowing the creation and offer of many new services.

Some of the Ingenico terminals over time

Browse the Ingenico terminals through the time scale suggested below:


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