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Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Партнерство Ingenico и Gilbarco: платежи на АЗС

Customer Challenge

  • To provide a future-proofed unattended payment solution to increase the roll-out of ‘pay-at-pump’ services
  • To improve customer confidence in the use of credit cards for self-service fuelling

The Ingenico Solution 

  • Customized Ingenico i5100 desktop payment solution and Gilbarco outdoor terminal

Customer Benefits 

  • Allows Gilbarco to take advantage of the growing opportunity for pay-at-pump solutions within the Italian market
  • The new system complies with international banking standards for chip-based credit cards and first to obtain approval from the ABI
  • Ongoing development relationship to jointly design a new payment solution for large service stations

About Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Gilbarco Veeder-RootGilbarco Veeder-Root is a leading global supplier of fuel dispensing equipment and fully integrated point-of-sale systems for the global petroleum marketplace. The company has approximately 30,000 integrated POS systems and 250,000 forecourt card payment devices in operation today. Gilbarco and Ingenico have been working together in Italy for the past two years.

The Project

Gilbarco needed a partner to assist in the development a new integrated POS system would allow payment to be made electronically at the petrol pump itself. The availability of new, secure, self-service systems - that accept advanced payment cards - would increase the number of petrol stations with unattended facilities, while increasing consumer confidence in the use of credit cards for self-service fuelling.

Working with Ingenico, the two businesses have created a uniquely customized solution. The system’s architecture is based on two devices: the SPOT OPT Gilbarco for self-service fuelling management that includes a secure reader and keyboard, and the Ingenico i5100 desktop payment terminal for in-store payments, which acts as the gateway for connection to the bank. Both devices are EMV (Levels 1 and 2) and PCI-PED approved (i5100 VisaPED approved).

The new Ingenico/Gilbarco system complies with international banking standards for chip-based credit cards and, in July 2006, was the first to obtain approval from the ABI, the Italian Banking Association. As a result, secure payments based on new EMV microchip cards can be made at all petrol pumps, whether attended or unattended.

The Ingenico Impact

Of the 22,500 fuel stations in Italy, 16,000 are now equipped with self-service devices, representing 15% of all fuel transactions – and an increasingly important market. The integrated system offers Gilbarco the opportunity to make the most of the opportunities within this increasingly important sector, while guaranteeing the very high levels of security and convenience demanded by its customers. In addition, the joint solution’s high speed and ability to function with major cards (payment, petrol or private) make it ideal for both in-store and self-service transactions.

Ingenico is also Gilbarco’s partner for the future. Going forward, Ingenico and Gilbarco are working on the joint design of a new payment solution for large service stations, which integrates payment systems with cash registers and a retail server (Gilbarco PassPort Europe).
We are proud to announce that SPOT OPT, the first of its kind and still unique in its category, has been granted approval by the ABI. The system combines an outdoor terminal produced by Gilbarco with Ingenico’s i5100 indoor terminal, which has been specially customized for this purpose. The new system guarantees secure electronic payments in compliance with EMV standards. Thanks to its innovative features, the system will be able to generate new opportunities for both oil companies and petrol station managers in the future."

Sandro Minuti
, Product Manager, Gilbarco Veeder-Root.

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